Company Tour

Reno A&E is located in Reno, Nevada, on the Southeast side of the Reno/Tahoe International Airport in a 26,000 square foot facility. All of our Engineering, Administration, and Production resources are located in this one building
Our Reno A&E team consists of a dynamic group of experienced professional engineers, technicians, and highly knowledgeable administrative support personnel. Reno A&E is fully committed to "Engineering Excellence," 25% of our staff is comprised of Engineering personnel.
Reno A&E's facility includes complete "in-house" manufacturing capability supported by the latest available manufacturing equipment. Our Surface Mount (SMT) assembly equipment is capable of handling the most advanced electronic component packages. Reno A&E's investment and commitment to having such extensive in-house capability ensures Quality and Flexibility to meet our customer's expectations and delivery requirements.
Our pick and place machine is used for placing surface mount components at a rate of up to 500 parts per minute. This impressive machine places the correct part in the precise location on every circuit board. Some of our detector cards are in this machine for as few as 32 seconds.
Our through hole components are soldered with our state-of-the-art wave soldering machine.
A big part of Reno A&E's commitment to quality, is our circuit board washer/dryer. This machine removes any contaminants left on the board during the manufacturing process.
After we have done absolutely everything possible to remove all contaminants, every board manufactured here at Reno A&E is conformal coated. Why go to this extent of detail? LONG TERM RELIABILITY!
Before packaging, all units are inspected to ensure conformity to Reno A&E quality standards. We perform 100% testing on all of our products prior to shipment.
All of our products are bar coded providing accountability of each and every unit produced. The bar code allows us to maintain a history of every unit produced. We know when the unit was produced, the day it was packaged, to whom it was shipped, and what box it was shipped in.
Reno A&E maintains an inventory of our products. We do not just build to order. This keeps our delivery lead times to a minimum, an added benefit to our customers.

Every unit shipped from Reno A&E contains operational instructions. In the event you lose yours, another can be downloaded from this web site. Check under the Products section.