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Model 2018E Conflict Monitor

With Ethernet & USB Ports for Remote and Local Communication

Reno A&E's Model 2018 Conflict Monitor is the first 170 / 2070 compatible monitor to include features that simplify monitoring of complex intersections. 

The Model 2018 sets new standards in reliability and functionality by providing enhanced monitoring functions,event logging capability, database management, and advanced diagnostic features. 

Reno A&E's Model 2018 meets the requirements set forth in Chapter 3, Section 6, of the Caltrans Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES) dated 08/16/02.

  • 2018E (WI-R-US): With 18 Channel Program Card
  • 2018E (WI-R-US/16): With 16 Channel Program Card
  • 2018E (WI-R-US-WY): Wyoming Spec

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