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Model L-ATG (Anti-Tailgating, 10 pin)

Application: Revenue Assurance at Parking Lots and Garages; Vehicle Detector, Shelf-Mount, Back-Lit LCD Display

Missed vehicle counts mean potential lost revenue.  The Model L-ATG loop detector is designed to accurately count passenger vehicles spaced as closely as bumper to bumper.  A conventional detector’s counting function can be defeated by placing a metal object in the loop detection zone.  The Model L-ATG is not affected by this scheme; it will continue to provide accurate counts. Common applications for the Model L-ATG include auditing revenue collection at parking facilities and detection of multiple passenger vehicles entering or exiting during a single gate cycle.

Input Power

  • 1 : 120VAC
  • 5 : 10-35V AC/DC
  • 35 : 240VAC

Low Revenue Due to Inaccurate Vehicle Counts

Stop Lost Revenue

Stop Lost Revenue as seen in Parking Today